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The Computer Design Company is specialised in providing support for various engineering applications which now includes SmartPlant P&ID (SPPID)

SmartPlant P&ID is an asset-centric, rule-driven engineering solution that can help
to efficiently create P&ID drawings. The software helps you to design and configure your plant processes using design rules that enforce engineering and customer standards.

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Engineeringsupport provides :


Smartplant P&ID drafting
Smartplant P&ID conversions from Autocad, Microstation, Sketches
Report development
Imports, Exports

BENEFITs of using Smartplant P&ID

P&ID drawings have and will always play a key role in design, construction, commissioning and operations. SmartPlant P&ID streamlines data entry, identifies and resolves inconsistencies while operators are desiging the P&ID. This is made possible by functions such as system editing, engineering data editing, automation and the ability to import data from spreadsheets, .

The design rules built into SmartPlant P&ID streamline engineering tasks throughout the workflow. Automation enables application integration and provides the ability to import data from other tasks, such as equipment data from the mechanical group, process data from process engineers, etc.

SmartPlant P&ID provides workshare capabilities to support multi-office project execution, and allows you to compare versions for effective management of change.

The built-in design rules and system editing capabilities also allow fast and consistent data entry throughout a complete piping system. The rules enable design validation across the project, and allow automatic updating of the design when the design basis changes, saving a significant amount of design checking time and increasing the design quality. Rules help design
data consistency and accuracy, for example, checking against pipe specifications.


EPC contractors can use SmartPlant P&ID to efficiently deliver a high-quality design with a competitive edge by streamlining project execution.

It will facilitate global worksharing for multi-office project execution and concurrent engineering, reducing hours and cost and increasing design quality.

Use it to create a consistent design driven by the built-in rules, streamlining the entire data checking process.


SmartPlant P&ID will help owner operators better plan for maintenance, expansions,
and modifications; manage risk-based inspection (RBI) processes; enhance plant safety; and more.

Owner operators can use P&ID data in complementary operational and engineering critical activities such as safety analysis, hydraulic analysis optimization, and process optimizations

It will support them on as-built projects by executing projects in running plants, keeping new and existing situations separate, and consolidating them after project execution

Use SmartPlant Explorer to make P&ID data available within your environment.


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