"SmartPlant Hosted Environment"


SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) reduces the effort needed to manage instrumentation assets. This in turn reduces the risk and cost of the overall plant information challenge. It allows owner operators to manage their plant instrumentation by means of a "single source of truth" - reducing the time to get the right information for maintenance jobs.


Since we believe by heart owner operators and EPC projects can really benefit by using a SPI database we provide the option of using "Smartplant Instrumentation Hosting”. By using this concept your SPI database will be available to all users around the globe by means of a single click. Not only will this mean you avoid the merges of data and keep the consistency on a high level. If till also allow you to have assistance with you high level administrative tasks like custom browsers, imports, exports. These tasks can be handled by our well experienced support team. The so called SPI SaaS (Software as a Service) provides huge benefits for company's which are not comfortable with the high level SmartPlant support which is required to really benefit from SmartPlant Applications. Clients are able to experience this so called SmartPLant SaaS for many of the current SmartPlant applications,either using the SmartPlant hosting solutions for SmartPlant Instrumentation(INtools), or by using the SmartPlant workshare options with the use of SmartPlant P&ID satellites.

Below example shows a typical SPI S SaaS setup. (SmartPlant Software as a Service).

All clients have the option to extend the service level to include Smartplant Instrumentation upgrades and SPI Oracle database maintenance.


Owner operator can also choose to let the engineering contractors work in a integrated SPI environment using the as-built, to built setup. This will allow the EPC to remotely connect to a separate part of the SPI database, after project completion project will be merged back into the “main as-built database”.

For detailed information or a price quote you can contact us.


We are providing all SPI (Smartplant Instrumentation) administration support for the complete SATORP project. Daily support for all execution EPC centres (10+) , imports configuration and custom reports.

SATORP Facts and Figures: Currently the database has over 300.000 tagnumbers with over 115.000 hardwired IO (excluding serial data). 250+ SPI users accounts, approx. 60.000 datasheets. Database has been setup in an as-built/to-built mode, remotely availlable via citrix servers.

Project : Aramco / Total
The refinery in Jubail will produce some 400,000 b/d for the export market. It is expected onstream by 2013. Total signed a MoU for the project in 2006, with costs then being estimated at US$9 billion.

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