SmartPlant Instrumentation Administrator

Key success factor of a typical SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) project is the role of the so called SPI Administrator. In his role he will determine the end result and consistency of the SPI database, during the EPC projects he will guide the SPI users with their data entry, he will use SQL query's to check the consistency of the SPI database and steers the project engineering team into the right direction. Our company has well experienced SPI administrators who can perform the role within your engineering company or remote by using a so called hosted environment (Citrix).

For detailed information please contact us at info@engineeringsupport.eu

Typical SPI Administrator tasks we are currently performing for major EPC contracts;

Setup of oracle server. database initialization of new domains. project, plant area unit structures etc.

Importing data into INtools for all modules using any giving data source, from text files, excel files MS Access files etc.

Exporting data from the SPI database to any given format. Interfacing to other applications, calculation software or client databases.

Datasheet Templates
Modify original SPI datasheets or creation of a complete new customized template set according client format.

Report Templates
Creation of complete sets of customized reports deliverable sets. Wiring, Instrument Index, Installation lists, Cable Schedules, Cutting list etc etc. Each report can be delivered in PSR form for easy interfacing with the import PSR option in SPI or using Infomaker executable files.

Create project database execution specifications for supporting large number of INtools users (click here for more details on Multi office project execution in relation to databases.)

Template Management
For clients which subcontract engineering project to various different engineering contractors it's of great importance each engineering party ad here’s to your strict guidelines in order to keep all you SPI projects aligned. This alignment should start from day one till handover of the database at the end of the project, in order to seamless integrate into your company server.

SPI Modules

We have experience in using the instrument index to create and maintain the instrument index either using imports / updates via SQL or manually entering data in SPI.

Using the pre loaded browsers or creating customized browsers purpose fit for the job.

Process Data
Importing process data from various data sources, or exporting data in different formats for calculation tools.

Importing bulk data into datasheets or manually entering data using the INtools forms.

Spec Binder
Coupling of datasheets to corresponding spec binders, using binders to revision control report the data.

We have wide experience in the creation of default panels, junction boxes cables and all other wiring items. We can create cable schedules up till cable routing & cable routings.

Latest versions of Intools can also be used to allocate instruments to segments in e.g. foundation fieldbus setup (an all-digital, serial, two-way communications system that serves as the base-level network in a plant or factory automation environment). Needless to say we also have experience in this area.

We have experiance in the assignment of instruments to hook-ups , extracting MTO using item listings etc.

We can use the loop module to extract the wiring and index information in any given format (Autocad. Microstation, Smartloop or Enhanced Smartloop).

For detailed information or a price quote you can contact us.


Intergraph SmartPlant® Instrumentation – the industry-leading instrumentation solution – helps you prevent failure by better managing and storing your instrumentation and control data. You can prevent unscheduled shutdowns by using the most up-to-date information for better planning and maintenance. SmartPlant Instrumentation brings all instrumentation information together so that it can be easily accessed and updated to ensure consistency across the different instrument tasks and deliverables. SmartPlant Instrumentation pays for itself by providing information life cycle functionality from early conceptual design and engineering to construction and maintenance .

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