SMARTPLANT INSTRUMENTATION for owner operators introduces a new concept
"SmartPlant Instrumentation for owner operators"


SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) reduces the effort needed to manage instrumentation assets. This in turn reduces the risk and cost of the overall plant information challenge. It allows owner operators to manage their plant instrumentation by means of a "single source of truth" - reducing the time to get the right information for maintenance jobs.

Any changes in your instrumentation assets should be correctly reflected in all information deliverables (all your datasheets, diagrams and reports) - fewer decisions will be made using wrong or conflicting information.


Computer Design Company performed a retrospective review of various cases where Smartplant Instrumentation was used by the EPC offices, after project completion the database was handed over to the owner operator. The result of our review showed the most of the owner operator were not ready to use the SPI database as their maintenance tool. Most of the maintenance engineer see it as a burden on top of their daily activities to keep the database consistent, find it complicated to update the wiring module, and had difficulty generating complex loops. Especially when using Autocad or Microstation loop diagrams the engineers were not able, in most of the cases, to regenerate a proper loop diagrams after their update was completed.

Result is the SPI database runs out of sync with the actual plants, various hand marked copy’s are seen as masters. This will result in distrust of the Smartplant database, this will eventually lead to a snowball affect.


Since we believe by heart owner operators can really benefit by using a SPI database , we now introduce a concept “SmartPlant Instrumentation for Owner Operators”. By using this concept your SPI database will always be up to date, your deliverables will be available by means of a single click. And special request like custom browsers, imports, exports, are handled by our well experienced support team of SPI users.

Owner operators can keep the database up to date by simply submitting red/blue copy's using e-mail. Maintenance engineers no longer need to worry about complex wiring updates, consistency throughout the database or complicated deliverable generation. All updates are handled by our team and inconsistency’s are flagged for further handling.

We will always use the KISS concept (keep it simple and stupid), SPI data should be easily available throughout the lifecycle of the plant. Our team will make sure maintenance engineers are supported in their role when it comes to using Smartplant software.


Owner operators can choose to fully extend this concept with Smartplant hosting, upgrades and database maintenance.


When new projects are handed over to the owner operators using, separated database, our team can conduct a so called SPI audit. Smartplant Instrumentation audit will mean numerous of check query’s and consistency checks will be done on the SPI database. The audit results can be submitted to the engineering contractor (EPC) before owner operator accepts the SPI database. After handover the SPI databases will then need to be merged with the project database.

Owner operator can also choose to let the engineering contractors work in a integrated SPI environment using the as-built, to built setup. This will allow the EPC to remotely connect to a separate part of the SPI database, after project completion project will be merged back into the “main as-built database”.

For detailed information or a price quote you can contact us.

SMARTPLANT® is a registered trademark of Intergraph Corporation and no sponsorship or endorsement by Intergraph is implied.

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