Please find below the details on our SPI support role for the SATORP project. This is our proven execution strategy for large scale multi office SPI engineering projects.


SATORP (Saudi Aramco TOTAL Refining & Petrochemical Company) is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and TOTAL S.A. The joint venture was formed to process 400,000 barrels per day at the Jubail Refinery in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The plant will be a full conversion refinery and will process Arabian heavy crude. (Total investment of approximately US $14 billion).

SATORP adopted Intergraph’s SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) as its Central Shared Instrumentation Database (CSIDB). SmartPlant Instrumentation will enable all of the EPC’s working in the project to create and manage SATORP's instrumentation documents and drawings.

FEED Phase
Since August 2008 is providing the SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) support for the SATORP project. Our company was contacted by Intergraph during the FEED phase of the project, our employees became part of the so called PMT(Project Management Team) of SATORP. Working from the Technip office in Rome, Italy. During the last months of the FEED phase (performed by Technip) we converted the SPI database into a so called As-Built / To-Built setup allowing the split of the plant structure into the so called work package’s.

Besides of getting the FEED SPI database ready for execution of this large scale multi office project also started to develop all the SPI related specifications, Custom Infomaker reports and SmartPlant specific procedures.

SPI <> Control System Interface automated the exchange of control system data to and from SPI and the selected control system supplier (Invensys). All the EPC’s (9+) working on the project simply used this to export the control system data from the various SPI modules to the exchange database. After implementation / configuration of the control system the EPC contractors will receive the completed exachange database including the wiring and hardware information. Using the SPI import module this data is used to create the cabinets, marshalling racks, IO Cards, IO assignments etc.

Infomaker Reporting
EngineeringSupport created all the custom Infomaker reports used on the project for issuing the official revisions of the instrument index, IO Schedules & Hook-Up assignments. These report have build in revision control to be able to compare and highlight the changes between various revisions. These reports are shared among the EPC offices by means of an executable file.

EPC phase
After the FEED phase the database was loaded into a hosted environment and projects were created and assigned to the different EPC contractors. Each EPC office appointed a so called SPI superusers who provided the first level of support, he is the main contact for the EngineeringSupport SATORP Domain Administrator.

Overview of the EPC with their assigned package's

Package 1: Distillation &Hydrotreating Tecnicas Reunidas, Madrid, Spain
Package 2A: Conversion Technip Italy SpA, Rome
Package 2B: Sulphur/ Amine Daelim Industrial Co Ltd, Seoul, Korea
Package 3: Aromatics Samsung Eng Co Ltd, Seoul, Korea
Package 4: Coker Chiyoda Petrostar/Samsung Eng Co., Yokohama, Japan
Package 5A: Interconnecting, Utilities Technip Italy SpA, Rome
Package 5B: Plant utilities SK E&C, Seoul, Korea
Package 5C: Auxiliary Utilities M.R. Al-Khathhlan, KSA
Package 6: Refinery Tank Farm Rotary Engineering Limited, Singapore
Package 7: Permanent Infrastructure Al Osais, KSA
Package 8: Pipelines and Off plot Facilities GCC, KSA
Package 9: Port Tank Farm Dayim, Punj Lloyd KSA
Package 10: Permanent communication Sumitomo, KSA

All the EPC contractor use the Citrix environment to connect to the Central Shared Instrumentation Database (CSIDB). Our company is supporting these SPI users (100+) with their daily engineering SPI activities like imports, query's, reports, SPI data issue's etc. Due to the global execution our team is on standby 7 days a week.

SPI Key figures:
- 360.000+ Tagnumbers
- 120.000+ Hardwired IO
- 74000 Datasheets
- 900 Marshalling Racks
- 10.000+ Junction boxes

After engineering is finished and the plant is commissioned the SPI projects need to be merged back into one central SPI domain. (SATORP project is expected to be completed in 2013).


If you want more detailed information on the SATORP execution model please contact us.

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