Engineering Projects in Progress

Among others the Computer Design Company BV is providing Engineeringsupport for the following projects.

SmartPlant P&ID (SPPID) Conversion project

Client : Confidential
We are currently executing a so called SmartPlant P&ID conversion project. We will be converting all the AutoCAD based P&ID drawings into intelligent SmartPlant P&ID drawings. Using SPPID v2009. For our current capabilites see also our new concept Paper2Smart

Saudi Refinery Capacity Expansion Programm (SATORP)

Client : Aramco / Total / Intergraph
The refinery in Jubail will produce some 400,000 b/d for the export market. It is expected onstream by 2012-13 (the original date was 2011). Total signed a MoU for the project in 2006, with costs then being estimated at US$14 billion. An IPO of 30% is expected in future. Technip has conducted the FEED.

Sohar Refinery Expansion

Client : Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company LLC (FEED)
Major expansion and modernisation of Sohar Refinery into a world-scale facility. The upgrade will not only ramp up the plantís output of refined petroleum fuels for the domestic and export markets, but also augment its ability to meet feedstock supply commitments to nearby downstream petrochemical schemes.

Various ofshore upgrades for NAM / Shell Explration and production facilities

Client : AJS (Joint venture Amec plc, Jacobs Nederland B.V. & Stork Industry Services B.V.)

Smartplant Foundation Pilot project

Client : Confidential

Computer Design Company B.V. is taking part in a Smartplant Foundation pilot project project. Pilot project will review all the modules of the foundation, including the webportal. Integration will be reviewed and adapted for Smarplant 3D, Smartplant Instrumentation, Smartplant Electrical, Smarplant Materials. Publishing of PBS structures etc.

Smartplant 3D Pilot project

Client : Confidential

Computer Design Company B.V. is taking part in a Smartplant 3D pilot project project. Pilot project will review all the modules of SP3D, including integration with existing environment, Engineering Framework. During the project the use of TEF adapters, automatic drawing generation, extraction of Material Take-off's will be tested and if required enhanced according client needs.

Shell HDS Pernis

Client : SGS (Shell Global Solutions)

As part of the "PRIMA" package we are part of the integrated team building a the new HDS-6 unit, and refurbishment of several Pernis units. See also Shell press release (Dutch)

NAM Schoonebeek

Client : NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij)

Redevelopment of the oil fields with steam injection. Computer Design Company is providing Smartplant Instrumentation support in a Multi Office Project environment. Scheduled completion date is 2010. See also NAM info pages (Dutch)


Client : Confidential

The proposed project will consist of a ship shaped offshore classed structure with the capacity to treat and liquefy a well stream of approx 2.5 billion cubic meters pr. year, which will give an annual production of approx 1.6 million tons of LNG and approx 0.5 million tons of LPG.

Underground Gas Storage

Client : Confidential

The buffer will facilitate a flexible response to short-term fluctuations in demand for gas. This will increase security of supply and strengthen market forces. Gas has already been stored in caverns in neighbouring countries for years.

The caverns will be at a depth of between 1,000 and 1,500 metres. The total storage capacity amounts to some 180 million cubic metres. Construction will begin this month and will be carried out by contractors Heijmans, Controlec and Vos Mechanical Contracting. Chemicals company Akzo Nobel is involved in the salt extraction.

Ethylene Cracker Complex (ECC)

End Client : Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd.

The facility consists of an Ethylene Cracker Unit, including an Olefins
Cracker Complex, Pygas Hydrogenation/Benzene Extraction Unit, a C4
Selective Hydrogenation Unit and the associated utilities, offsites and
general facilities.
The ECC is the core part of the ECC Project, which will link the Shell
Refinery and downstream chemical units to form an integrated world-scale
petrochemical super site in Singapore.

Kirishi Refinery Russia

Kirishi Refinery located in the North-West of the country

End Client: Kinef / Surgutneftegas

Sasref ULSD project

Ultra Low Sulfur diesel unit, completed in 2010

End Client: Saudi Aramco /Shell Oil & Gas


Webdesign launched a new website This website will show you all the Smartplant Jobs availlable from around the globe. Main focus of this new jobsite will ofcourse be on core business.

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Smartplant Materials (marian)


The Computer Design Company B.V. launched a new website

Linked4Free is an online business networking platform designed to give the power of online social networking to traditional businesses and professionals. The company does this by creating a basic network of online professional networking sites. Using the linked4free as the platform, traditional organizations also have the opportunity to create their own branded online professional social network as a private or publicly viewable community.


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