Because Multi Office Project Execution is an integral part of todays engineering projects, we would like to give you a custom solution that fits with the demands on database management. Standard approach of a multi office execution strategy is a lead and sub-office setup. The lead office will be in most cases the engineering contract owner, for cost or schedule reasons he will subcontract part of the engineering work to so called sub-engineering offices.

Besides the role your the lead office has to full fill in checking the technical content of the deliverables for the complete engineering project, it's of great importance the support and management of the engineering databases is running smoothly.

In case you're working with different parties worldwide who are entering data in the same engineering database it should be a mandatory requirement these offices adhere to strict rules. No need to say that when supporting these remote offices, change management and revision controlled reporting should be a integral part of the procedures.

In most cases in the end of the project the data need to be delivered in certain formats to the clients and will be imported into maintenance databases. (eg SAP)

Looking at these complex processes which start with the setup of the standard template database, line up all parties involved, write database execution specification and providing project database management during project execution we can offer you the complete package. We will be involved from project start till the project database is handed over to your client.

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