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Confidential Company Cleveland, OH
Job description: ...both an IBIS and SPICE environmentStrong lab measurement skills and application of high speed oscilloscopes, TDR/VNA instrumentation is required for design validation and simulation correlations.In-depth understanding of electromagnetic and transmission line theory is required....
Sr Performance Engineer
LexisNexis Dayton, OH
Job description: ...models. * Develop project estimates as part of the concept and project planning process. * Define key metrics and instrumentation for measuring and monitoring performance and capacity. * Identify trends through the use of metrics to forecast quality and release...
MTS 1, Software Engineer
eBay San Jose, CA
Job description: ...operation team and architect to ensure that the application is scalable, reliable and highly available with excellent performance; provide instrumentation to measure these metrics.* Work with cross-functional team in an Agile environment with great ability to influence others...
Fire Protection
Value Added Solutions, Inc. Aiken, SC
Job description: ...documents including but not limited to: Location Plans, Connection Diagrams, Conduit / Block Diagrams, Logic Diagrams, Panel Detail Drawings, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, and Battery Loading Calculations in accordance with NFPA codes and standards. Provide technical support to site construction forces, start...
Senior Engineering Technician
Metro Water Los Angeles, CA
Job description: ...and software, remote terminal unit (RTU) and programmable logic controller (PLC) hardware and software, SCADA system software/hardware and instrumentation, Red Hat Linux/Windows operating systems, network and security management and monitoring, and real-time automatic process control (APC) applications....
Engineering Technician
Waterloo, IA
Sr. Android Application Developer (4109)
Embedded Resource Group, Inc Mountain View, CA
Job description: ...span style="font-size: small;">Familiarity with advanced debugging techniques such as using network packet analyzers or program execution instrumentation/profilers like traceview Experience with RESTful API's...
Principal Performance Engineer
EE Consultant
Technical Link kirkland, WA
Job description: ...level circuit design skills. (If a candidate cannot answer questions about designing very-accurate signal conditioning circuits using instrumentation amplifiers, they won*t get beyond the 5-minute point in our interview.) If you have candidate...
Engineering Technician II/Acoustics Technician
Recruitment Delivery Center Maplewood, MN
Job description: ...product(s), policies and procedures, technical issues, tests, promise dates, and timeliness. Testing Expertise used for testing Acoustic Test Instrumentation o Specific Airflow Resistance Testing o Impedance Tube - Normal Incidence Acoustic Absorption o Large Reverberant Room - Random...

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